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Mallorca 15. Capdepera Lighthouse – Alcanada Lighthouse – Stage 3

  • 14.6 Km
  • 01:00
  • 6
  • Difficult

Capdepera Lighthouse – Alcanada Lighthouse – Stage 3
Stage 3: Albufera de Alcúdia – Faro d’Aucanada

Becoming acquainted with S’Albufera—the most important wetland area on Mallorca—is going to be possible on this leg of the route. You will be able to see the different birds present in the wetland. You will also cover the historic center of Alcúdia and you will be able to learn some of the history of the municipality.

The Natural Park of S’Albufera is the most important wetland area on the Balearic Islands. In 1987 it was declared Special Protection Areas for Birds (ZEPA) and was included in the Ramsar Convention under the category of Wetlands of International Importance.

The park has free entrance, but you have to sign in at the Reception Centre which is 1 km away from the main entrance. Car access is permitted as far as the reception where you’ll get information about S’Albufera (vegetation and fauna) and the basic rules. Domestic animals entrance in the park is not permitted.

Cultural route through the old town centre which has been developing since the Catalan conquest in 1229. Short after that date Sant Jaume’s church was built. But it was not until the reign of Jaume II when the building of the walls began.

This trip shows you the different landmarks that history has left in this ancient old town. You’ll discover the different walls (mediaeval and renaissance), the wall gates and the wall bastions, Sant Jaume’s church, Saint Christ’s chapel as well as the most important houses (casals).

To make the most of the day try to make this trip on a traditional market day, that is, on Sundays or Tuesdays.



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