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The Son Real estate is a “possessió” (old manor house and estate) located in the municipality of Santa Margalida, on the northeast coast of Mallorca, the estate boasts 395 hectares and was purchased by the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands back in 2014.
Son Real sits almost in the middle of the bay of Alcúdia and is an estate that has been continually inhabited right from the most remote prehistoric times until our days. Remains of human presence, dating back 4,500 years can be found here, on top of these we find remains from the pre-talayotic era (4,000 years old) then the talayotic era (some 3,000 years), then Roman (a little over 2,000 years) Islamic, medieval eras and down to our day.

When talking about Son Real, we are talking about one of the most important reference points when it comes to archaeological heritage in the Balearic Islands, proof of this are the well-known prehistoric cemeteries or necropolis located at S’Illot des Porros and the Punta des Fenicis.

Apart from the archaeological wealth, Son Real is closely linked to rural Majorca, and therefore we find a “possessió” made up of different buildings from different eras that are witness to a not so distant past where the economy revolved around agriculture and livestock.

Son Real is an agricultural – livestock estate located in the municipality of Santa Margalida, half way between Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina, between the sea and the Artà to Can Picafort road.

The agricultural estate boasts buildings with great heritage value, as well as an extensive agricultural area, low hills with aleppo pines, natural beaches as well as a section of coastal dunes.

The beaches, dunes, torrents and vegetation make up a natural setting that is as diverse as it is important. But it also contains monuments and archaeological remains of immeasurable value such as: remains of a pre-talayotic town, caves used as burial plots, megalithic sepulchres, a talayotic necropolis, etc.

The houses that are on the estate were built during the middle ages, making up a traditional group of buildings (Can Morell, Ca n’Apol·lònia and Ca s’Amitger, sa Casa Nova). This architectonic group includes the manor houses, as well as workers cottages, a courtyard, a defence tower, a chapel, storehouses, stables, pigsties, etc.

In the Cases Noves (new houses), that were built during the 20th century, some of the old sheds have been converted into the Son Real information centre, which was inaugurated in 2008, with an ethnological theme, while the Casa dels Senyors (manor house) is home to the archaeological museum, that has information and archaeological remains discovered in the estate’s different settlements.

Native breeds of animals live on the farm (sheep, black pigs, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, etc.) these are raised here and are well looked after. The agriculture on the estate is totally ecological, the crops of almonds, carob and figs being the most important.

The wealth and variety of scenery is amazing (pine tree groves, holm oaks, sand dunes, vegetation on the sides of the torrents, cultivated lands and low hills) as well as the diverse flora and fauna, from which a population of Mediterranean turtles stand out. In the reserved hunting areas only the traditional “filats” or hunting with nets placed in a narrow passage between trees is allowed.

On the other hand, Son Real still preserves some elements of human intervention on the landscape (sandstone and sand quarries, old paths, a bunker, and the towers built along the bay of Alcúdia for submarine exercises during the post war period, to help find the position lines).

Access to the beach is beautiful, a great variety of vegetation and biological elements can be found here.

Son Real is a great rural estate that since ancient times has worked as an agricultural and livestock production unit, that is locally known as a “possessió”; with numerous historic, landscape, cultural, social, environmental and patrimonial assets.