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S’Albufereta Natural Area

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Like other Mediterranean wetlands, S’Albufereta is an essential sanctuary along the annual migratory paths of countless aquatic birds.

The coastal wetlands of S’Albufereta are one of the natural treasures of the Bay of Pollença, thanks to their singular landscape and their ornithological and botanical value.

The Nature Reserve covers a surface of 211 hectares, with additional peripheral protection of its surrounding 290 hectares, where certain land use and activities are regulated to prevent unwanted environmental impact.

S’Albufereta was declared a Nature Reserve by virtue of Decree 121/2001 (BOIB Number 130, of 30 October 2001), and four years later it was reclassied as a Special Nature Reserve through Law 5/2005, of 26 May, on the Conservation of Environmentally Important Sites (locally known as the law LECO). The S’Albufereta Natural Resource Management Plan was also approved by means of the Government Council Resolution of 19 October 2001 (BOIB Number 130, of 30 October 2001). Yet the site had already been protected by legislation years earlier, thanks to its declaration as a Natural Area of Special Interest in 1991, by virtue of Law 1/1991, of 30 January, on Natural Spaces and Urban Regulation for Areas of Special Protection of the Balearic Islands (locally known as the LEN).

S’Albufereta also forms part of the Natura 2000 Network, an initiative designed to contribute to the conservation of plant and animal species and their natural habitats in protected natural spaces around Europe.