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Considerations and / or recommendations

Considerations before any route

• Before setting off, consider the length of the stage, difficulties, comments, weather….

• The established routes require a minimum of physical preparation. It is important to assess personal skills and not rely excessively.

• Helmets must be worn and you must pay special attention to the equipment required before starting the route.

• Consider, in the summer, the increase of population in tourist areas and the high temperatures.

• Spring and autumn are generally the seasons most recommended by weather and daylight hour’s periods.

• Times are calculated with NO stops. They are approximate, and may vary depending on the pace and skill.

• The mobile phone does not always have coverage along the route. Having other media guidance would be useful. Being independent is crucial to ensure success and minimize risks.

• Keep the material in the best possible condition and, especially on routes in MTB, have a complete repair kit and knowledge of use.

• Follow the rules of coexistence and always use common sense. For example, try to respect traffic rules and no entry signs.

• The distances and uneven are close to reality (although it depends on the program used to display the routes, the gap can vary according to the calculations of the program used).

• Technicians have classified the “difficulty” in developing routes thinking about people with good level of cycling, and with minimal technical training.

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